Bringing limitless computational engineering to the wind industry
We combine open-source and cloud-computing to move forward the wind farm modeling limits.
ZephyTOOLS is Wind Farm Design software using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Artificial Intelligence aiming in providing the most accurate results and trustable energy assessments.

Including an efficient wind data processing tool (ZephyWDP) along with an optimized flow model (ZephyCFD), generating complete energy yield assessment in a single platform is now possible! Connected to ZephyDATA, multiple datasets can be directly transfered to your projects. Empowered by ZephyCloud, the most accurate flow models can be run with no compromise, and no queue!

What makes ZephyTOOLS stand out?

  • Free

    The fully functional ZephyTOOLS software is freely accessibly at any time. Neither "limited version" or "professionnal version", it is just gratis.
    Of course, there are some charged services around it (trainings, support, cloud computations), but none are required.
    Set up a free ZephyCloud account to get access to the complete software download.

  • Cross-platform

    If ZephyTOOLS proudly remains Linux native, Windows 10 users can now easily install and run the software.
    Keep the operating system your are used to! No need to negociate (or even fight) with your system administrator to enjoy ZephyTOOLS.

  • Integral solution

    ZephyTOOLS aims in gathering all the relevant tools and data the wind resource assessor needs to perform a accurate and trustable (i.e. bankable) energy yield assessment, from raw data processing, long term correction, flow model, to energy capture. It includes a large variety of visualizations modules that will satisfy both engineers and directors.
    Avoid switching again and again between various software, generate your complete energy yield assessment within the same platform!

  • Cloud-connected

    CFD computations are not light processes... especially when we do not want to compromise with the accuracy of the results.
    Local computations, which may become too heavy for your local configuration, can be run with ZephyCloud with a streamlined service.
    No need to invest in soon-to-be-obsolete hardware! No need to queue your projects! Get rid of the unwanted compromise between time and accuracy!

  • Trustable - Scalable - Upgradeable - Unlimited... OPEN-SOURCE !

    Our software developments are based on open-source software such as OpenFOAM, Pandas, XGBoost...
    Believing in the value of the Free Software Movement, we don't want ZephyTOOLS to be only Free as in beer, we want it to be Free as in Freedom.
    Open-science should be the pledge of trustability the wind industry is waiting for, as it leads to the bankability of your projects.
    Keep ready to freely access the whole source code! We are now finalizing it by removing the dirty parts in the source, and it should be soon available on github platform.

  • A walk through ZephyCFD
    Click the image to investigate further...
    Still not convinced? Give your own try!
    Download ZephyTOOLS
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