Bringing limitless computational engineering to the wind industry
We combine open-source and cloud-computing to move forward the wind farm modeling limits.
We develop Computational Wind Engineering software
dedicated to the wind industry

Our advanced wind modelling techniques are proposed through two main products:
ZephyFarm® and XFarm.
These web front-ends are executing ZephyCFD-Core modeling chain.

ZephyTOOLS® desktop software keeps available but is is currently neither maintained nor connected to any cloud-computing service.

ZephyFarm[public web application]
ZephyFarm is an evolutive public front-end web-browser client application, powered by ZephyCloud.
It contains fully-automatic CFD-based wind resource assessement solutions.
Get more information: ZephyFarm

XFarm[private web application]
You can fully own and host your private web-application thanks to XFarm.
This way, your cloud computations are charged at cost and ZephyScience fully keeps out of the loop.
Get more information: XFarm

ZephyCFD-Core[python scripts]
ZephyCFD-Core is the sets of scripts that are executed within ZephyFarm services.
It allows, through command lines, CFD-based wind resource assessements on a desktop computer.
Get more information: ZephyCFD-Core

ZephyTOOLS[desktop software]
ZephyTOOLS is designed to allow for advanced Wind Resource Assesment and Farm Design on your own local machine.
It is currently neither maintained nor connected to any cloud-computing service.
Get more information: ZephyTOOLS

Dedicated developments
We also provide private developments services to help any client taking the most advantage of our methodologies and cloud-computing capabilities.
Not fully statisfied with our existing applications? A willing for a better integration of our methods in your workflow?
We can help enhancing our products to meet your requirements!
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