Bringing limitless computational engineering to the wind industry
We combine open-source and cloud-computing to move forward the wind farm modeling limits.

Interested in our cloud-computing capacity but have your own modelling chain?
You’re more than welcome to join our open-API platform ZephyOpen!

  • Opening our advanced cloud calculation engine to developers through Open-API

  • ZephyCloud is the back-end service used to perform burst computing from software applications through Extern Computing Services, charged to the end-user in ZephyCoins, a virtual currency whose price depends on the user’s subscription level.

    ZephyCloud Open-API consists of an Application Programing Interface (API) specifically developed for making ZephyCloud calculation power available to third-party developers and letting them build and sell new modeling chains while getting access to ZephyCloud’s competitive advantage of ZephyCloud’s computational power in their own simulation products without having to deal with complex cloud implementations headaches.

    The modelling chains developed by external developers, either independently or in a partnership with ZephyScience, will be hosted on ZephyFARM.
    ZephyFARM is the public front-end web-browser client application, powered by ZephyCloud, which will act as the platform offering both pre- and post-construction modelling solutions for both offshore and onshore wind farms.

    Modelling tools can be made either private or public: in the latter case, it is available to third-party users through the online ZephyFarm client application with a ZephyCloud account.

    Make your Cloud-connected modelling chain available online through ZephyFarm, and generate revenues from it through our pay-as-you-go Cloud Computing system!

  • A contribution to Open Science for Wind Industry

  • Sharing workflow, tools and data aims in allowing for efficient collaboration around wind energy related projects.
    ZephyOpen is aligned with our ambition to foster collective intelligence while opening up new client channels for our Cloud service.

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783913.
    Interested in connecting your workflow to ZephyCloud?
    Interested in openning a new wind energy service within ZephyFarm?

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