Bringing limitless computational engineering to the wind industry
We combine open-source and cloud-computing to move forward the wind farm modeling limits.
We provide Cloud Computing services
to allow for the most accurate assessments

ZephyCloud is the back-end service developed by ZephyScience to connect its modeling chains with the cloud-computing suppliers to perform burst cloud computing.
This allows any user of ZephyScience software to launch multiple calculations simultaneously with high calculation resources (core power), even without having access to high-performance machines internally.
ZephyCloud allows to launch clusters of machines effortlessly for each calculation, which solves the queuing issue in CFD and therefore gets rid of the unwanted compromise between time and accuracy.
Business model
The business-model of ZephyScience’s software services relies on a pay-as-you-go system.
The fully functional ZephyTOOLS software is freely accessibly at any time. However, what makes this software stand out is its cloud-computing capacity.
This is charged on a cores-per-hour basis, with costs increasing with calculation time and number of processors used. The used calculation resources are charged in ZephyCoins, where each ZephyCoin costs € 4 and the amount of ZephyCoins spent per calculation depends on the type of account chosen.
A ZephyCloud account subscription gives you free access to the software developed by ZephyScience.
Gold users enjoy dedicated user support and discount on their ZephyCoins consumptions.
Free User
Complete software with unlimited desktop calculations
No Discount on ZephyCloud usage
Online Tutorials
Technical support
Gold Account
Complete software with unlimited desktop calculations
Cloud computations 5 times less expensive
Online Tutorials
Technical support
*Refer to Price List
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783913.
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